Marketing Options

Phone Marketing

Just call your trusted friends or relatives who like to earn money just sitting in home, you can share how you make money using our program. They might be interested and always been looing for such an offer to come by.

Online Marketing

Place our advertising banners in your website, blog, facebook wall, send facebook messages to friends, write about us in facebook groups, where people might be looking for such an and join the program instantly.

Advertising / Referral Links

Use your advertising/referral link to invite new members and receive referral comissions. We provide referral bonus to those who invite new mebers to the program.

Become Representative

By being Regional Representative, your details will be listed in our website, new users will directly come to our website, find you, and contact you about joining the program. This way you can invite new members via your referral link and help them to join the program successfully.

You can use your own methods to advertise/promote this program via your referral link and help new people to join under your link, to make additional income from commissions.