Please read the following anti-spam policy before accepting and using our services:

1. We will not tolerate SPAM, and/or any type of UBE/UCE in connection to this site.

2. You agree to not use our project name and/or BitcoinCycler domain name in any connection / relation to send spam, solicited emails, and/or any other way there is.

3. You agree to not post false negative votes on public forums and/or any rating sites without contacting BitcoinCycler support team at first. There may have been a temporary technical problem, so please make sure to always resolve any kind of issues and/or difficulties that may arise with our dedicated support.

4. If you have violated this "Zero-Tolerance" Anti Spam Policy, you will lose the rights of using our service and all of your account privileges will be immediately revoked.

5. Violation of any kind to the terms and/or conditions mentioned in here, may get you permanently removed from this program and lose your rights to use BitcoinCycler services in the future, and all of your account privileges will be immediately revoked.

6. We reserve the right to change the commissions, plan rates, terms and/or conditions mentioned for BitcoinCycler program, at any given time and at our sole discretion, with respect to the integrity and security of our member's interests. You agree that it is your sole responsibility to review the most updated version of our terms & conditions of service listed in here, to which you are bound. Certain provisions of our terms and/or conditions of use may be superseded by other legal notice, located in other parts of BitcoinCycler official site.

7. We will always do our best effort to stay in contact with you and keep the site up and running.

8. You fully acknowledge that the project does not invest, nor manage your money in any way, shape or form. The sole purpose of program is to sell digital funds in BitcoinCycler online distribution platform, and the team utilizes their capital for the benefit of the enterprise investments into various ventures. As reward the enterprise pay the interests (profits) made from those ventures back to the company, that in turn distribute it as digital funds via the BitcoinCycler online platform.

Last time updated 09.08.2016