About Us

What is BitcoinCycler?

Instant Payment Platform

BitcoinCycler.net is founded by a group of experienced traders and analysts who are involved in trading, and also with a team of engineers, who have built an alternative electricity producing, which let us do mining much cheaper and better.

We assure you a stable and constant stream of income with our unique service, which has been never done before with mining. This means that this operation will be very profitable, and user-friendly as much as possible.

Our business as mining opened in 2012, and since then we have grown very rapidly, we invested further money into alternative evergy supply, which was the best decision we have made.

We are generating more than enough already to support this business, however we will use the investments to upgrade our electricity saving technology
which will let us provide you even bigger profit rates.

Our Features

Stable Profits

Our company offers you stable profits for a long-term relationship

Instant Payments

We provide instant payments directly into your wallet

Profitable Plans

Our two plans provide you the best profits

SSL Security

Our dedicated server is fast and DDoS protected

Analysis Team

Professional Team working in industry for over 8 years

Online Support

We offer online chat, email support and phone support